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Blue Cube Consultants is a consultancy cabinet specialized in providing services in both Software Development and Project Management.

Blue Cube’s Software Development department is dedicated to real-time optimized C++ programming and provides development services (short or long term projects), advice and assistance tailored to fit your needs, and all level training courses.

Blue Cube’s Project Management department specializes in project engineering and resource management techniques, applicable to projects in all fields. It provides advice and management services, along with planning, resource management, change management, knowledge management, project follow-ups, and other required practices for delivering your projects on specifications, on time and on budget.

We target multinational, small and medium-sized businesses in the construction, software, energy, or any other field where tasks can be organized in projects for enhanced performance and risk control.

Blue Cube’s services are needed for variety of reasons: temporary increase of the workload, necessity of specific knowhow or simply an appeal to our services.

Our mission is to help our clients in achieving high efficiency and total control over their projects in a flexible yet solid manner.

Our goal is to supply state of the art, engineered solutions and reliable technical advice in a fast and cost efficient way.

Our employees are experienced professionals seeking to bring added value to our customer's projects and striving to fulfill Blue Cube’s quality commitment.